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Our next course. 2-day NLP Diploma. Sanur. May 20th / 21st

Our next course. 2-day NLP Diploma. Sanur. May 20th / 21st


Our courses are fun and informative and lead to real positive growth and change for our students.

Read on to see what some of our recent students have to say about our training. 

“The training far exceeded my expectations. The skills I have learned I will carry with me forever. This will be vital on my own healing journey and in helping others. Thank you for the friendly environment. Teaching style is the best part! Relaxed and comfortable.”


Coach / Sound Therapist / Yoga instructor, Open Hearts Collective

“It was a great learning, very clear and fun at the same time. I received so much new information, keep up the good work!”


Teacher, Owner - The Nest Spa

“A wonderful introduction to hypnosis and the tools of relaxation and self healing.”


Teacher, Open Hearts Collective

“Nice introduction to hypnosis. It’s nice to walk away with a script that can be used straight after the course. The repetition of the script enables for more confidence”


Coach / sound therapist / Yoga teacher, Open Hearts Collective

“Training with so much transformation, learning, new insights, so much knowledge gained, emotional release, beautiful connections and a lot of gratitude.

We experienced the direct healing, inner shifts, transformations and deep changes during the training.

We tested every single method ourselves. I was sceptical of many things – and to my own surprise I had my mind blown every day, seeing and feeling firsthand that all methods work.”


Transformational guide

“Well paced, experienced trainer, suportive environment”

Yoga teacher

“Great and inspiring introduction to NLP. Informative with good details, visuals and experience”

“Very knowledgeable and thoughtful facilitator. Very well organised and smooth. Chris’ enthusiasm was clearly felt by everybody. Great job”

Terry Spokes

Clinical Director, Bali Beginnings

“Great training. Liked the exercises and practical work. Overall really enjoyable and interesting!”

Vici Tanner

Life Coach

“Provided much needed life skills that are important in helping to achieve personal, family, career and other goals in life.”

Alexander Araque

Diplomat, Phillipines Embassy Jakarta

“This training is an eye opener for anyone who wants to maximise their potential. The topics that are being discussed are helpful, great to use in many fields.

Business and personal goals can be evaluated after completing this training. Thankful participant / student here! Thanks and keep it up! :)”

Joan Johnsson

Business co-founder, Dragon Game Studio

“Extremely well informed and productive structure. Super happy and satisfied with content. Best experience, feeling super accomplished. Thank you!”

Clara Fraser


“I Learnt a lot in 2 days and it felt really relaxed. Chris is a great facilitator and made it really fun!.

I’d encourage everyone to go learn about this, and I will DEFINITELY be intertwining it into all my next online products, books and coaching!”

Jaymin Patel

Author / Speaker, Jaymin Speaks

“Nice job. I am glad there is an NLP presenter who’s intentions seem clear and more in-line with NLP’s origins.”

Andy Dougharty

Principle, Global Jaya School Jakarta

“Thank you for delivering a valuable training”

Ingrid Sakul

Psychologist / Counselor

“NLP training is a good source of where people expand their understanding of peoples behaviour as well as oneself. It is very useful and a learning experience.”

Marilou Bristol

Teacher, Taman Rama School - Denpasar

“A really interesting two-day training on NLP which gave me a sneak peek on my personality and some handy tools on better understanding people… ESPECIALLY difficult people. Highly recommended,”

Sheila Mañalac

PR for Food and Beverage, Double Six Luxury Hotel.

“An eye opener. Eliminates our limiting beliefs. We can see things in a different perspective, geared towards something more positive. Very empowering.”

Angelita D. Los Banos

Director / Teacher, Taman Rama School

“Very well structured course. Lots of information which was very well broken down into smaller sections, exercises and explanations. I really appreciated the timings of the breaks. Chris was a great facilitator and very well prepared. Very satisfied with the course.”


Coach / sound therapist / Yoga teacher, Open Hearts Collective

“I love the training, it’s easy to follow, very informative. Chris’ voice really suits the topic today, how he demonstrated the hypnosis session was very good. I learned how to speak in a calm manner when practising with another person. Everything was great.”



“The training session was wonderful. I felt that I learned a new skill that I can use to help myself and others. THe breaks and topics were laid out perfectly. Thank you!”


Marketing consultant

“Very valuable class! More skills that can help myself and clients. Thank you Chris for your great teaching style and approach!”


Coach / Sound Therapist / Yoga instructor, Open Hearts Collective

“Very clear explanations. Essentials for life. It was a life changer”


Pilates instructor

“The gains for this training for my personal development are beyond measurement. It is empowering to have learnt and especially experienced these really helpful tools. Honestly, a life-changing experience.”

Social worker

“It was very interesting, impactful, empowering, practical and clear. I would love to dive in deeper and learn more”


“Info was delivered very cleanly. Facilitator very clean and personable. Great tools for insight development and awareness. Warm and friendly”

“I am happy and look forward to learn with you again. Thank you :)”

Eunike Kune

Business co-owner, Indo Dive

“Nice balance between theory and practical exercises. This was an interesting experience for me, thank you!”

Kate Parrott

Yoga, Reiki practitioner / instructor

“Absolutely great! I did the 2 day course and left with a whole lot of knowledge that for sure will give me an advantage in everyday life.

Chris Wood is a fantastic trainer and breaks everything down to a level where it’s easy to understand and it just makes sense.

Five out of five stars, if you are curious or just want to grow, this course is a must!”

Jonas Johnsson

Business co-founder, Dragon Game Studio

“Loved it! Great material, entertaining trainer, good use of time, new ideas I can implement immediately.

I could not be more thrilled to have this powerful tool to help people make sense of their world and heal old wounds.”

Eri Kardos

Relationship coach / Author, Eri Kardos

“I think the training is applicable with the external and internal practice combined. There’s a lot of self evaluation and internalisation that can be useful, as well as communication technique that can be applied in the business environment.”

Sheila Mañalac

PR for food and beverage, Double Six Luxury Hotel

“The training exceeded my expectations. The trainer was effectively able to draw out insights that allowed me to connect the new learning to what I already know. Thus reinforcing the concept of NLP method / models.

The concepts learnt, with exercises, bring home the lessons”

Malu Araque


“It has given us a better understanding in how to know ourselves and other people’s characters, so that we can communicate (build rapport) in a better way”

Gede Suwendrayana

Front office manager, Double Six Luxury Hotel

“Very informative sessions. I was very motivationally inspired. The material was all very clear and easy to follow. Chris is very personable and interactive with all class mates”

Nigel Johnston

Restaurant manager, The Plantation Grill

“I had a great time!”

Stephanie Dougharty


“Very clear explanations!!”

Regina Tantri

Psychologist / counselor

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