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Welcome to Insights NLP – accredited NLP courses in Bali.

Welcome to Insights NLP

NLP courses in Bali and Singapore.

Fun and informative high quality ABNLP accredited Neuro Linguistic Programming training courses in Bali and Singapore.

“NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for personal change in existence” – Modern Psychology

Learn the skills you need to transform your life.

Do you want….

   greater success in what you do?
   to feel great about life?
   deeper more meaningful relationships?
   to have peace of mind?
   to have confidence in whatever you do?
   to have the skills for powerful positive change?

And more…

Is it time for you to unleash your potential?


target success with insights nlp training courses

Change your perspectives, change your behaviours, change your world.

accredited nlp courses

Neuro Linguistic Programming explains the relationship between

  • how we think (neuro)
  • how we communicate verbally and non-verbally (linguistic)
  • and our patterns of behaviour and emotion (programs).

Once we have a deeper understanding of what drives and motivates behaviour, we can then start to look at what we would like to improve and change the way we do things.

Do you have a phobia for example? Knowing how this was installed leads to an easy process for uninstalling it and getting rid of it.

Limiting beliefs? There are reasons why they may be there, and knowing the reasons makes it possible to change the outcomes and get rid of them.

Simple techniques, powerful results.

NLP is also the study of communication, both how we communicate internally with ourselves, and also externally with others.

Learn the languages of influence with things such as the Meta Model and Milton Model. Perfect tools for making sure your message is heard and understood.

Improve your relationships, at work, with friends, with family.

Improve your communication skills, your sales language, reach out more effectively with your marketing, the possibilities of personal and professional transformation are endless.

Is there something in your life you’d like to change or improve, you CAN do it.


NLP is a toolkit for the mind, and with its deep insights, and simple but powerful techniques, it is an amazing and direct approach to driving immense positive change.

Find out more about our training programs on our courses page.

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Perhaps it sounds too good to be true, maybe you’re wondering “where’s the catch?”

Instead, ask yourself,
“Why shouldn’t I have all these things?”

— You can have what you want —

Ready to take the next step? Discover our courses and become an NLP master.

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“If you are stuck in life these tools help. I’m especially excited because we experienced the direct healing, inner shifts, transformations and deep changes during the training.

We tested every single method ourselves. I was sceptical of many things – and to my own surprise, I had my mind blown every day, seeing and feeling first-hand that all methods work.

So much transformation, learning, new insights, so much knowledge gained, emotional release, beautiful connections and a lot of gratitude.”

Kris – Transformational guide.

Find out more about NLP…

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an instruction manual for the mind which provides a toolset for immense positive change. Find out more in our article What is NLP?

Learn what NLP can do for you in our article why learn NLP?

Discover more about NLP on our 2-day diploma course.

Get you NLP practitioner certificate on our 7-day NLP practitioner training.

Become an NLP master. All of our NLP courses are fully accredited by the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP).

“This training is an eye opener for anyone who wants to maximise their potential.”

Joan Johnsson

Co-founder, Dragon game studio

Insights training schedule and locations.

Visit our course schedule page to check when our NLP training courses are running, the locations and prices.

Your trainer

NLP training in Bali

Your lead trainer Chris has been in the field of personal development for over ten years, active in training in the UK, Singapore and Bali.

Chris Wood: NLP Trainer. Dip. I. Hyp. GHR Reg. EFT

Read what some of our recent students have to say about their training experience on our testimonials page.

“Best experience, feeling super accomplished. Thank you Chris Wood”

Clara Fraser

Company Director

Our testimonials page has lots more feedback from previous students regarding their training with Insights NLP.

What other people have said about NLP

“NLP helps me to manage my audiences and motivate them” – Oprah Winfrey


“I built my sales career from zero to become the world best motivator by using NLP” – Anthony Robbins

“NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in existence” – Modern Psychology

“NLP has metamorphosed into an all-purpose self-improvement program and technology.” – TIME Magazine

an insight into NLP

“NLP could be the most important synthesis of knowledge about human communication to emerge since the explosion of Humanistic Psychology in the sixties.” – Science Digest

“NLP is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the technology of achievement and human excellence” – TIME magazine

“I think the training is applicable with the external and internal practice combined. There’s a lot of self evaluation and internalisation that can be useful, as well as communication technique that can be applied in the business environment.”

Sheila Mañalac

PR for food and beverage, Double Six Luxury Hotel

Would you like to know more? Get in touch today to discuss training with us here at Insights NLP.

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What is NLP?

Learn more about NLP and what it can do for you.

NLP training in Bali and Singapore 5

Why learn NLP?

Learn how to maximise your potential.

NLP training in Bali and Singapore 6

What will I learn?

Find out more about the courses we run.

Are you interested in learning more about NLP? Have a look at our blog page for articles and insights.

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