For a free copy of our latest brochure please use the download button.

For a free copy of our latest brochure please use the download button.

NLP in business

When talking about business what do we mean? Giving presentations, making sales, working with clients are all aspects of the workplace and all have the same common theme. Communication.

How do we know when we’re communicating well? Ever had that feeling that a conversation you just had didn’t go quite as well as you’d hoped? That the point you were trying to make somehow didn’t hit home? How about a presentation, has it ever felt that you’ve worked your heart out and yet somehow the message didn’t seem to get across?

Wouldn’t it be great to have an insight into how the communication is going as you’re progressing? How would it be if you knew that your point was getting across with no resistance and that the other person, or indeed your audience, is completely in tune with what you are saying?

Within NLP we talk a lot about communication. Being in rapport with someone, understanding that their model of the world and yours may be different, taking into account how they represent their world internally when processing information. I guess it may all sound a bit technical but understanding that 75% of communication is non-verbal and that communication is not about what you say but what is heard can make you a much more effective communicator. NLP has some simple, but powerful, insights into how we communicate, along with some very easy and practical techniques that can be quickly learnt to improve your communication skills and make sure that what you’re saying really is getting across.

Here’s an example of how the application of NLP in business made a clear and dramatic difference. With NLP training Central London Computing services achieved fantastic results with the performance of their sales team.

Before the training they had an appointment ratio of just 7%. That’s 7% of people spoken to on the phone converted to being interested in and booking an appointment.

After the training the ratio increased to 71.9%

business graph

They also had great success with their sales executives with their closing rate going from just 10% of quotations before the NLP advances sales training they received to 63% of quotations being closed.

These may seem like remarkable results, and they are, but there’s no magic involved. There was no changing of the content of the message being delivered, however, there was a lot of emphases put on how it was being delivered and how to effectively communicate.

Would you like to learn the skills NLP has to offer to enhance your business performance? We run a two day NLP Business Diploma course that may be of interest to you.

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