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Our next course or workshop could change your life

Our next course or workshop could change your life

NLP Practitioner Course

Maximise your potential on our 7 day NLP Practitioner Course.

Achieve more, remove what’s holding you back, set the most compelling goals and position yourself to achieve the results you desire with a set of tools and techniques to really succeed!

This course is a real eye-opener and will teach you the concepts and tools of NLP, giving deep insights whilst having fun learning them.

Our 7 day Practitioner course is designed to give you the best training possible and is fully certified by the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP).

With your NLP practitioner certification, you can use your new NLP skills for your own self-development and personal growth, as part of your life coaching toolkit, in support of your existing practice, or as a complete set of tools to start helping others. 

NLP Practitioner Course

Use your NLP certification in a professional capacity to help other people, and start using the tools you now have with paying clients.

“The training far exceeded my expectations. The skills I have learned I will carry with me forever. This will be vital on my own healing journey and in helping others. Thank you for the friendly environment. Teaching style is the best part! Relaxed and comfortable.”


Coach / Sound Therapist / Yoga instructor, Open Hearts Collective

NLP Practitioner course dates

All of our NLP practitioner courses run from 9.00 am Sunday to 5.00 pm the following Saturday (with the exception of our Practitioner retreat)

Sanur Agung
2023Start - SunEnd - Sat
January 202315th21st
April 202316th22nd
July 202316th22nd
October 202315th21st
Course price | IDR 16,000,000

More about your training in Sanur…

PLEASE NOTE. In order to give people a comfortable amount of time to complete the pre-course material registration usually closes 2 weeks before the course start date, although it is possible to reserve a place no later than 1 week before the course commences.


Why would you want to consider this course?

  • Your own personal development?
  • Understanding how to really communicate with yourself and others?
  • Becoming more effective in your career?
  • Enhancing your relationships with better communication?
  • Ridding yourself of emotional baggage built up over years?
  • Removing beliefs that you have about yourself that hold you back?
  • Taking total control over your life?
  • Getting out of a rut?
  • Understanding how the mind works so you can positivly influence others elegantly?
  • How to build deep rapport with anyone to enable you to communicate effectively?
  • Being in control of your emotional state at all times thus allowing you to behave in a positive and effective way?
  • Understanding what people are REALLY saying when they speak?
  • Being able to change strategies in yourself and others that are not useful? Turning dreams into goals that you can achieve?
  • Changing how you think of certain things/people so you feel differently and consequently behave in a positive way?

Do any or all of these resonate with you? Why not make a change today and get in touch with us. 

NLP Practitioner course

Who can join this course?

Everyone! There are no requirements to take the NLP practitioner course, although of course a sense of curiosity will certainly help!

Which areas of life are covered?

All types of Communication skills
Coaching: Really connect and help guide people to success
Personal Development: Learn how to maximise your potential
Counselling: Really make a difference for people.
Therapy: Help people fix issues and move forwards.
Relationships: Build stronger and more meaningful relationships

Business: Great for sales/customer service
Sport: Gain better results and boost sporting performance
Education and Learning: Learn how to actively listen and effectively communicate
All aspects of life: Us the transformative mindset and philosophy underpinning NLP and put the tools to use.

What will I learn?

Introduction to NLP


  • How the mind functions and the nature of experience
  • Themes of NLP – Profound knowledge of human behaviour
  • Presuppositions of NLP
  • Empowering Assumptions
  • Creating Powerful Outcomes – how to achieve your  goals
  • Eliciting Strategies – Finding why people do what they do
  • Buying Strategies – How people make decisions to purchase
  • Motivation Strategies – How to motivate others
  • Relationship Strategies – Having more effective relationships
  • Understand the internal process of the mind
  • Resource Anchors – Controlling your emotions
  • Collapsing Anchors – Overcoming frustration
  • Chaining Anchors – Overcoming procrastination
  • Parts Integrations – Resolving internal and external conflicts
Changing habits
  • Phobia model – rid yourself or others of phobias
  • Belief Change – Change limiting and negative beliefs
  • Swish – rid yourself of fears, bad habits and negative associations
  • Submodalities – Change minor addictions, compulsions and limitations
Communication skills
  • Sensory Acuity – Reading people’s reactions accurately
  • Instant Rapport – How to really meaningfully connect with people
  • Communication Preferences – communicate to appeal to others
  • World map – understand the differences in world outlooks
Negotiation skills
  • Reframing & Preframing – Help others see new view points
  • Hierarchy of Ideas – Conflict resolution, flexibility in communication
  • Milton Model – The language of influence
  • Meta Model – Effective questioning skills, discover the real issue
  • Metaphors that transform thinking
Real world Integration

We will give you a full framework when it comes to understanding and using all of the tools you will learn. Learn how to effectively work with people to help them get the best results. Backed up with real-world examples we teach the method of applying the tools effectively, along with the tools themselves, be that as a coach, therapist or woven into your existing practice.

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What does our NLP Practitioner Course consist of?

We use NLP to teach NLP and we use the communication skills we teach. This means, amongst other things, that we deliver the content clearly and in easily understandable chunks. We have designed the course to be entertaining and fun and we make sure that you fully understand the material as we deliver it to you and you practice it for yourself. 

Your training program consists of 2 key parts:

– Pre-course study

– Seven days of live training.

When you book you will receive the following:

– A pre-course study pack which includes an audio programme,

– A full course manual

NLP class graduation

Pre-course study pack

Your comprehensive introduction to the practitioner course.

The pack includes a 14-hour audio program and full course manual.

The audio portion of the pre-course study pack can be listened to at any time that suits you, for example at the gym, on the way to work or when relaxing in the evening.

Don’t worry, if for any reason you get a bit stuck on a concept or idea then just get in touch and we can help with your understanding.

Seven days live training


Now it’s time for the really fun part!

We’ll expand on the understanding you have gained from the pre-course material and really develop your practical  NLP skills, learning how to apply the mindset, principles and tools of NLP to real-world situations.

The techniques are clearly explained, with full demonstrations so you get to see first-hand how to apply your new found knowledge.

You’ll then work in small groups and practice these techniques for yourselves

Our training meets and exceeds the standards set by the

largest NLP governing body worldwide, the ABNLP.

cogs in the NLP machine

We are confident that once you have completed your NLP practitioner training with insights NLP you will leave us as a certified NLP practitioner who is ready to take your new found knowledge and practical skills out into the world to really make a change.

“Very well structured course. Lots of information which was very well broken down into smaller sections, exercises and explanations. I really appreciated the timings of the breaks. Chris was a great facilitator and very well prepared. Very satisfied with the course.”


Coach / sound therapist / Yoga teacher, Open Hearts Collective

Why choose Insights NLP?

Do your training in paradise!
We bring a sense of fun and exploration to our training
Extensive pre-course material for you to study
Full support, before, during and after your training
Fully air-conditioned training facilities
All the latest teaching and student materials
Insights NLP is accredited with the ABNLP

“Very knowledgeable and thoughtful facilitator. Very well organised and smooth. Chris’ enthusiasm was clearly felt by everybody. Great job”

Terry Spokes

Clinical Director, Bali Beginnings

Practitioner course dates

All of our pracitioner courses run from 9.00am Sunday to 5.00pm the following Saturday (with the exception of our Practitioner retreat)

Sanur, Bali

Sanur Agung
2023Start - SunEnd - Sat
January 202315th21st
April 202316th22nd
July 202316th22nd
October 202315th21st
Course price | IDR 16,000,000

More about your training in Sanur…

What is included in your training program?

Taksu hotel Bali

Here are the inclusions you can expect during your training.

Fully air-conditioned training venue with free Wi-Fi
Lunch (three-course with refreshment) is included daily.
Two Coffee breaks including snacks included daily.
Water and sweets are available at all times.
State of the art projection and sound system.
✅ Full course manual and pre-course audio program.
ABNLP accredited certification.
Support before, during and after your course.

Click here for more information about the venue and training facilities in Bali.

As soon as you invest on your NLP Practitioner course we will send out our pre-course study pack with guidelines regarding how best to go about completing it.

Remember – we are here to make sure you have an amazing training experience and this includes support from the moment you sign up to long after you qualify with us.

It is our aim to make sure that on our NLP Practitioner courses the time is available for you to really have the chance to learn, to practice and to spend quality time with your trainers.

To make sure this is possible we keep the numbers limited at our training events, so encourage you to act now! – you can look up our available course dates on our Course Schedule page.


“An eye opener. Eliminates our limiting beliefs. We can see things in a different perspective, geared towards something more positive. Very empowering.”

Angelita D. Los Banos

Director / Teacher, Taman Rama School

What people have to say about our training.

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Would you like to know more? Get in touch today to discuss training with us here at Insights NLP.

NLP Practitioner 6

What is NLP?

Learn more about NLP and what it can do for you.

NLP Practitioner 7

Why learn NLP?

Learn how to maximise your potential.

NLP Practitioner 8

What will I learn?

Find out more about the courses we run.

Are you interested in learning more about NLP? Have a look at our blog page for articles and insights.

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Sign up to the mailing list and recieve a free eBook '15 tips for immediate results'

- Many thanks from Chris and the Insights NLP team.

Congratulations. Many thanks for subscribing. We will send you a welcome mail shortly with a link to your brochure.



Sign up to the mailing list and recieve a free eBook '15 tips for immediate results'

- Many thanks from Chris and the Insights NLP team.

Congratulations. Many thanks for subscribing. We will send you a welcome mail shortly with a link to your brochure.

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